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About Smart A


Your One-Stop Education Hub

There is a persistent concern among parents regarding how to further expand a student’s mental and physical development. However, foreign studies have shown that extracurricular activities play an integral role in a student’s educational development. The right amount of extracurricular activities implemented in a student’s daily routine will have a positive impact on his or her educational growth. Smart A upholds student-centered principles with the objective of presenting students with top quality education. It offers a variety of academic and interest programs in an all-in-one building.

Save parents and their children from running between multiple learning centres

The convenience of an all-encompassing educational institution enhances student motivation and interest while encouraging self-confidence, independence and self-discipline

Convenient Location Surrounded by Elite Schools

Smart A is conveniently located in the centre of Kowloon City, the most sought-after district with top-tier POA (Primary One Admission) School Net 41, surrounded by various reputable elite schools. The building, with its vibrant blue and orange colours, proudly stands out between Junction Road and Prince Edward Road West. It is easily accessible by various transportation that reaches all corners of Hong Kong, i.e. 5-min walk from Sung Wong Toi MTR Station. Its advantageous location enables students to focus on their educational training and further explore their personal interests and ultimately help them realize their full educational potential.

「薈學坊」Smart A

Technology at School
School Supply

Diversified Learning Courses

It is said that diversification is key in a child’s growth and development. In order to accommodate this principle, Smart A offers top quality academic courses and a variety of extracurricular activities that are inspiring, interesting and relevant to each and every student.

Academic Programs

such as Chinese, English and Mathematics not only address the shortage of curriculums in Hong Kong, but also further expand a student’s basic knowledge and overall learning experience.

Extracurricular Activities

such as music, chess designed for students of all ages, allowing them to explore and pursue personal interest outside of school.

Safe Learning Environment with Kid-friendly Facilities

We understand parents’ concerns. Smart A promotes a comfortable and safe learning environment with all-rounded facilities. With a sufficient amount of space throughout the building, students will find learning highly enjoyable. Smart A strives to nurture education and personal growth by creating a comfortable learning environment which as a result, may improve parent-child communication.

Each classroom is equipped with air-conditioning

Washrooms are specially designed for kids and those with disabilities in all floors

Regular professional washroom cleaning

School Students

The Meaning of Smart A :

SMART Journey towards Achievement

We name ourselves Smart A and redefine smart. "Smart" stands for SMART goal principles which refers to Specific (S), Measurable (M), Attainable (A), Relevant (R) and Time-bound (T), whereas the letter "A", as the first letter in English, is the symbol of beginning and NO.1 ace. All in all, Smart A represents we, together with other learners, are stepping into a smart journey towards achievement.











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